Organizing & De-Cluttering

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Did You Know?...

…that clutter is one of the main contributors of stagnant energy in your home and work place?

Yes!! Being overwhelmed with tons of stuff and unfinished projects drains not only you, but also your environment. Every time you look at or think about those chaotic spaces, you tend to feel stuck and stressed out.

Whether you are ready to tackle a larger project or get a smaller one handled once and for all, it can be done with mindful systematic de-cluttering and organizing. I help you on-site to release items that have been blocking your sense of freedom and clarity. I then organize your space for maximum flowand harmony. Clients have said this process inspired major positive shifts in their lives.

Each Organizing Package


  • On-Site Strategy Consultation
  • Assessment of your current systems to determine what’s working, what’s not working, and best remedies
  • Customized Action Plan tailored to your unique needs.
  • Determine and make space usage adjustments as needed.
  • Repurpose existing storage items where applicable and/or recommend organizational tools.
  • The essential number of hours / sessions of hands-on organizing and de-cluttering vital to accomplishing your goals.
  • Tips to maintain your organized space
  • In order to maximize our time together, I come prepared to begin the project on the day of our scheduled appointment.


Catalyst Package

(Up to 4-Hours)


Energize Package 

(Up to 8-Hours)


Thrive Package

(Up to 12-Hours)