Hi, I’m Linda

The feeling of peace, joy, and clarity within your home is priceless. As a Certified Energetic Space Clearer, Intuitive Lightworker, and Reiki attuned Empath, I am guided to help you clear your home of stagnant energy and residual imprints that may be stopping your flow of joy, health, and abundance.

Over the past 14 years as a Holistic Wellness Advocate, I’ve been passionate about helping others create more harmony in their homes and in their lives. While in meditation, I received intuitive guidance, to organize and co-produce The Life Harmony & Light Conference of 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.

This 2-day event featured an array of renown Holistic Practitioners, Vibrational Healers, Shamanistic Medicine Men and Women. I’ve also had the privilege of interviewing countless Wellness Specialists and Lifestyle Professionals on my Podcast, Life Harmony Radio. Years later, the archived episodes continue to receive an astounding number of downloads.

Showcasing Exceptional Holistic & Conscious Living Business Owners and connecting them with people who want to live a more healthy and mindful life is the mission of our on-line Holistic Directory, Life Harmony Directory.

Hi, I’m Linda


Energetic Space Clearing was an instinctive progression for me. I have toured, evaluated, sold and/or organized over 1,200+ homes and commercial buildings as a licensed Real Estate Agent and Professional Organizer over the past 22+ years.

For the last decade I’ve been known as “The Life Harmony Lady” and more recently “Linda K. Harmony”. These names resonated because of my passion to help others find peace in their lives and harmony in their homes.

It is my honor to assist individuals and families all over the world with energetically transforming their living spaces and restoring balance to their lives. I am strengthened by the wisdom of my ancestors and spiritual guides as I use Indigenous and Feng Shui principles to help my clients as they and their homes heal from the inside out.