Frequently Asked Questions about Space CLEARING

Energetic Space Clearing has been passed down for thousands of years by many cultures all over the world because IT WORKS!! Indigenous people who understood the wisdom contained with the natural elements of the earth practiced some form of Space Clearing. They knew the importance of a refreshed environment and the consequences of not addressing stuck or negative energy within their homes and communities.

Some clients notice immediate benefits; others notice them gradually. Depending upon one’s particular situation and intention, there are many benefits of Space Clearing. For example:

  • A sense of peace and well-being
  • Improved sleep
  • Less stress and tension
  • Mental clarity and insight
  • Heightened intuition
  • Easier to manifest what you imagine
  • More harmony in relationships
  • Better communication
  • You’ll feel more inspired
  • Easier to release what no longer serves you
  • Increased energy and focus
  • Motivated to let go of clutter
  • More abundance of love, health, time, finances
  • New and positive opportunities find you
  • More Life Harmony

Every event that has ever happened in your home; and every person who has ever lived or visited there left behind an energetic imprint. Over time these imprints; especially those from emotionally charged events become stuck and stagnant energy. This can stifle personal, financial and professional progress whether we are aware of them or not. Space Clearing helps to release built up energetic debris and bring in the positive, high vibrational energy that inspires your life’s vision. Good times to schedule a Space Clearing are:

  • Moving into, renting or selling a home
  • Newly married or in a new relationship
  • Excessive arguments
  • After a divorce or a break-up
  • Started a new job or new business
  • Before bringing home a new baby
  • Roommate or partner has moved in or out of the home
  • If the energy within your home feels heavy, stagnant or “stuck”
  • If your personal energy level is low & you feel uninspired
  • Before or directly after the New Year
  • Before, during, or after remodeling or renovation project
  • Opening a new office or place of business
  • During or after a life-changing event (loss of a loved one, bankruptcy, new career path, graduation, etc.)
  • To refresh, bless and re-energize your home or office location
It is not necessary to deep clean your home prior to a Space Clearing. However, for those areas to be cleared, you’ll want to tidy up any extremely messy spots. You may even find it easier to let go of clutter after a Space Clearing.
Before any enhancements are done to a home such as feng shui, remodeling or redecorating it’s highly recommended to have the space cleared first. If not, it’s like getting all dressed up in formal attire without taking a shower. Space Clearing gives you a fresh energetic slate to work from which can elevate your overall results.